David Koepp (2012) Sure, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an enjoyable presence who can be easily fun to watch but that’s not why you want to watch a movie about people riding bikes in New York for two hours. No, if you need a reason to do so it will be another actor: Michael Shannon. Mr. […]

  Woody Allen (2015) There is an inherent problem with writing a genius: you have to figure out how geniuses think. It is all fine and dandy to call one of your characters brilliant but it will only feel like an empty epithet if he speaks, behaves and thinks like any other random character. Over […]

  Sam Mendes (2015) This is going to be one of those reviews. A review of a good movie that is mostly going to focus on its flaws. « Why ? » I hear you ask, Sam Mendes ? Well, for starters because that is just the kind of discontented prick I am. Secondly, well, […]

  Anton Corbijn (2010) It is refreshing to watch George Clooney play something other than a loveable smartest guy in the room kind of lead role. That is the only thing refreshing about The American however. The plot builds to a predictable climax and there is a romantic narrative that is entirely too expected. The […]

  John McTiernan (1990) At first I thought John McTiernan was a one-shot wonder guy because I could not recognize what he had done. Turns out I was being ignorant – not an entirely unusual circumstance. Not only has he directed some very well-known and celebrated action movies, I have even watched – and mostly […]

  Steven Spielberg (1975) It is a credit to Spielberg that he is able to keep us on our toes for over an hour before the characters get on the boat to hunt the shark. Over half the movie is a slow and careful construction of tension and character development. Far from being tedious exposition, […]

Ridley Scott (2015) In a year that has featured some very good sci-fi so far, the mere fact that The Martian manages to stand out is an accomplishment. That it is a contender for the top spots is nothing short of phenomenal. I am starting to see a pattern in in Ridley Scott movies. He […]

Colin Trevorrow (2012) Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate. You could call this movie April Ludgate: The Movie and pretty much nail it. What’s that you say ? « It’s not in the Parks and Rec universe and that’s not even her name ? » Shut up, nerd ! I am […]

Drew Goddard (2012) Yes. That is all I have to say. Yes. All the yes. This movie gets it all. Just take all my yesses, put them in a big box next to this movie, and every time someone does or say something just take one out and stick it to the screen. Many things […]

Scott Cooper (2015) I like a good gangster story. I like to watch the shenanigans of the underworld dwellers as they take their shot at the get-rich-or-die-trying game. I like the thrill of witnessing their dangerous existence. I like the social dynamics of their microcosms. I enjoy the cat and mouse game criminals play with […]